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Kelly Price Stands Up for Teyana Taylor Amidst Iman Shumpert Cheating Allegations



Kelly Price

R&B sensation Kelly Price has decided to take a stand against critics who have been questioning Teyana Taylor’s marriage to Iman Shumpert.

Recently, former NBA star turned actor Iman Shumpert found himself at the center of cheating rumors, casting doubt on his relationship with Teyana Taylor. While Shumpert has faced allegations of infidelity in the past, Taylor is now reportedly under scrutiny for her staunch support of her husband amidst these latest claims. Kelly Price, evidently unimpressed by the negativity surrounding Taylor, took to Instagram to voice her support for the “Wake Up Love” singer.

Before her Instagram live session, Kelly posted a text message emphasizing the importance of personal boundaries:

“You disrespect yourself every time you let something slide that doesn’t sit right with you. So I’ve buckled down on my boundaries as a form of self love. My time is valuable, my feelings are valid and those who love me, will respect it. I desire nothing more and will take nothing less.”

During her livestream, Kelly Price directly addressed critics of Teyana Taylor. She revealed that she was moved to speak out in defense of the couple after a Black blogger criticized Taylor for standing up for her husband. Kelly pointed out that Taylor is well within her rights to defend her family:

“I just listened to a female Black woman, who is a blogger, go in on Teyana Taylor. Basically, calling her all kinds of things. About the fact that she speaks up for her family and when there are allegations out there that she comes to the defense of her family, and she comes to the defense of her husband. What else is she supposed to do? She’s not a sidepiece. She’s not a side hoe. She’s a wife. They have a family.”

Kelly Price also shared that she became emotional over the situation because she has experienced a similar predicament in her own life. She took a moment to acknowledge Teyana’s strong work ethic and praised her for her dedication to her family:

“If anything is worth fighting for, it is your family, especially if it can be saved.”

As of now, Teyana Taylor has not responded to Kelly Price’s remarks, but others on social media have shown their support for Kelly’s message. One social media user commented:

“That’s right KP if you just didn’t say some words that needed to be said. I love them both and I’m praying for both of them and their family.”

Another person added:

“Kelly you spoke nothing but the truth tonight. It’s really sad and I feel bad for her and her family. People are just flat out mean and hateful. They will have to answer to God one day. Let’s pray for each other and lift each other up. It cost nothing to be kind to each other and say kind things ??.”