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Cardi B Is Still Pursuing $3M Lawsuit Against Blogger Tasha K



The ongoing feud between Cardi B and Tasha K persists, with recent developments unfolding.

Radar Online reports that both Cardi B and Tasha K have recently appeared separately in court, as the internet personality took steps to address her financial obligations.

Allegedly, Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on behalf of her business entity, Kebe Studios LLC. This strategic move, as explained by Investopedia, permits her company to continue its operations while “reorganizing” the debts owed to creditors. In April, it was previously reported that Tasha K’s company owed rap star Cardi B a substantial $3 million. This debt was a result of Cardi B successfully suing Tasha K for defamation last year.

According to the report, Tasha K initiated the bankruptcy procedure after already paying a significant portion of the debt owed to Cardi. However, once Chapter 11 proceedings were initiated, Cardi B’s attempts to collect the outstanding amount came to a halt. Nevertheless, it appears that the “Money” rapper is unwavering in her determination to retrieve every last cent. It’s noted that Cardi has taken legal action in response to the bankruptcy, seeking a court ruling that the owed debt should not be dismissed. Such a request can be granted if the debt is found to be a result of “willful and malicious injury.”

During the initial defamation trial, Cardi B argued that Tasha K relentlessly spread harmful falsehoods about her on the internet, causing harm to her marriage and mental well-being. Among the allegations made by the YouTuber were claims that the Grammy Award-winning artist had an STD, engaged in hard drug use like cocaine, engaged in demeaning acts with a beer bottle, and committed adultery, among other serious accusations. Despite purportedly being urged to retract her statements due to their falsity, Tasha K reportedly refused, leading to Cardi’s defamation case, which was ultimately ruled in Cardi’s favor.

In her recent legal motion opposing the discharge of Tasha K’s debt to her, Cardi B is said to have underscored this point. According to reports, Cardi’s legal document stated:

“Defendant was given multiple opportunities to retract the false and defamatory statements and videos, but Defendant steadfastly refused to do so.”

The matter is awaiting a judge’s decision, and Tasha K has yet to publicly respond to Cardi B’s legal action.