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Nicki Minaj Takes Legal Action Against Swatting Incident Perpetrator



Nicki Minaj isn’t letting online trolls and frustrating incidents hold her back. The rapper has taken a strong stance against a recent swatting hoax that targeted her, revealing the alleged perpetrator’s identity and the fact that an arrest warrant has been issued.

Just last month, law enforcement was dispatched to the rapper’s residence in San Fernando Valley following a false 911 call claiming a shooting incident. Los Angeles police swiftly responded, only to find the call to be a malicious hoax.

In a social media announcement on Wednesday, August 23, Minaj unveiled the name “Stephanie Bell,” the individual she had tracked down. She wrote, “A warrant is in the system. Great detective work. So grateful. The DA filed one count for the swatting call and one for the false report to DCFS [Department of Children and Family Services]. To God be the glory.”

This wasn’t Minaj’s first encounter with online troublemakers. In June, she faced false accusations of child abuse that led to a police visit and inspection of her son. Additionally, a petition circulated, claiming that neighbors sought her and her husband, Kenneth Petty, to be ousted from their Hidden Hills residence.

Minaj’s devoted fan base quickly rallied around her, expressing support for her legal action and disdain for the deceptive individual behind the swatting incident. One user commented, “Swatting a Black woman and her family when we’ve learned so much in the past years how police can be reckless towards Black people is very sick behavior.”

Another user chimed in, “B**tch, I fell asleep for two hours and woke up to Nicki exposing the nincompoop that had her house swatted. The FBI better get [Stephanie Bell] before the Barbz do, to say the least.”

Despite these legal challenges, Minaj continues to make waves with her music. Her collaboration with Ice Spice on “Barbie World” recently secured the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Rhythmic Airplay chart. This achievement marked a 31 percent weekly surge in radio plays and notably stands as the most significant leap to the top position on that chart since the 1990s.