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Brandy’s Daughter Sy’Rai Pulls Hilarious Prank Using “Area Codes” Lyrics



It seems like Brandy’s daughter, Sy’Rai, has a knack for pulling off some playful pranks. The R&B singer recently found herself on the receiving end of her daughter’s mischief when Sy’Rai hilariously teased her mother using lyrics from Kaliii’s hit single “Area Codes.”

In a video shared by The Shade Room, Sy’Rai can be seen trying to hold back her laughter while engaging in a phone call with her mother. At the beginning of the call, Brandy, slightly concerned, straightforwardly inquired, “What’s wrong?”

Without missing a beat, Sy’Rai replied, “So I got a white boy on my roster.” Confused, Brandy inquired further, “What does that mean?”

Sy’Rai went on with her playful act, revealing, “He be feeding me pasta and like lobster, mama.” Brandy’s curiosity was piqued as she questioned, “Who feeds you pasta and lobster? Who is this person?”

Sy’Rai continued to spin her story, saying, “He hit me up on Tuesday like, ‘What you doing babe, let me take you shopping.'” However, Brandy immediately voiced her disapproval, labeling the offer as “an immediate no.”

As Sy’Rai read out a series of texts that seemingly supported her story, Brandy’s concern escalated. Sy’Rai narrated, “I told him I’m a little busy and he told me he’s in my city. I’m reading our text, it says, ‘Hey, it’s okay, hope you have a good day, I’m going to send you 850 dollars.'”

Brandy continued to express her disbelief, questioning why her daughter would accept money from someone she didn’t even know. She also pressed for more details about how Sy’Rai had come into contact with this mysterious “white boy.” That’s when the playful prank took a hilarious turn, as Sy’Rai couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer and revealed that it was all in good fun.

Laughter ensued as Brandy realized she had been pranked by her clever daughter. It’s heartwarming to see the playful bond between the two, adding a touch of joy to their mother-daughter relationship.

Kaliii’s latest track “Area Codes” has been generating quite the buzz since its release earlier in 2023. The lyrics from this catchy hit have recently found a playful use as Brandy’s daughter, Sy’Rai, pranked her mother with them.

The song’s popularity has been on a steady rise, marking a significant achievement with its Billboard Hot 100 debut at No. 54 on the chart dated May 20. The track’s success took Kaliii by surprise, as she recently shared with Complex in June. Contrary to speculation, she clarified that “Area Codes” wasn’t intended as an homage to Ludacris’ 2001 hit of the same name. She also revealed that she had never heard Ludacris’ version before.

Addressing the connection, Kaliii explained, “I didn’t even know there was any connection. Like, I never heard the Ludacris song before. So when people asked me that, I truly didn’t know what they were talking about. It was just super organic. When I hear people saying, ‘Oh, this is a Ludacris homage,’ I’m like, ‘Okay, but I really didn’t know anything about it.’ It was just like I literally felt like I got hoes in different area codes.”

Despite the criticism that followed, Kaliii chose to focus on her music and creative journey. She expressed her admiration for artists like Nicki Minaj and Aaliyah, citing them as her inspirations in a previous interview with HipHopDX.

Acknowledging her roots, she said, “First off, I’ve got to give props to my mom. She’s so tough, she’s so hardworking and she made me, obviously. She made me to be the person I am today.” She also gave a nod to Nicki Minaj, considering her a musical and creative influence, as well as Aaliyah, admiring her swag and self-assured demeanor.

Kaliii also highlighted the role her grandmother played in shaping her, sharing, “Also, my grandmother raised me to a certain extent. I love her. She’s the person that pushed me to just do me and do what I want to do.” Additionally, her manager, who is a mother figure to her, has been instrumental in guiding her career and ensuring her business is well-handled.

The journey continues for Kaliii as she navigates the music industry and crafts her path with inspiration from her musical icons and the support of her loved ones.