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Cam’ron & Mase Ink 8-Figure Deal for ‘It Is What It Is’ Sports Talk Show



Hip-Hop icons Cam’ron and Ma$e just secured the bag for their ‘It Is What Is‘ sports talk show. The iconic duo disclosed on Monday (August 21) that they have finalized a lucrative eight-figure contract with Underdog Fantasy.

Underdog Fantasy is known for not shying away from contentious collaborations, as they previously partnered with ex-NBA athlete Gilbert Arenas for his audacious podcast, ‘Gil’s Arena.’

Back in March, Cam’ron set forth the requirements for possible agreements, stating that they should present something he doesn’t already possess.

“A lot of n-ggas hollerin’ at me to try and buy my show or make my show a part of what they’re doing. And listen, I appreciate the love, I appreciate the interest and everything else. This is fully funded by me. I didn’t go get no help. I ain’t got no partners. I ain’t got no bank.”

“They came and did all this shit and y’all gonna have to offer something I ain’t got. Now you don’t know what I got, but you could assume what I got. I’m not gon’ be unreasonable but you gotta be fair. But right now, with the time being, we gon’ have fun.”

The collaboration with Underdog will kick off in September, right in time for the football season, with an agreement that spans 18 months. Despite the move, fans can still catch the vibrant discussions on the show’s original platform, the ‘Come and Talk 2 Me‘ YouTube page.