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Jersey Natives Rockett1ø7 And MainSlime3 Reveal “Gang Tweakin” Video




Rockett1ø7 and MainSlime3 of American Music Group reveal a new reveal for single “Gang Tweakin” that also comes with a video from Wave Change. Energetic and vibish, the duo procures a piece of audio that gives listeners a one from one single to crank in almost any setting

“Gang Tweakin” is one of the lead singles from their recent collaboration album ‘Look Who invented The Slimes’ as well’ which garnered major praise in the tri-state area for pure street authenticity.

Both emcees have seen the best and worst of life in which their collaboration LP goes into further detail. Bar for bar on gritty beats and cadence switch ups makes it a must listen for fans of music who enjoy new, raw music.

Rocket and Slime are prepared to drop more more music soon so keep you eyes opens and your ears in tune. “Gang Tweakin” is on all DSPs and the video is on YouTube as well as ‘Look Who invented The Slimes.’ Watch the video here.