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Ugly God Accused Killing Father of Best Friend



Allegations have surfaced accusing Ugly God (birth name Royce Cornell Davison-Rodriguez) of a fatal shooting involving his best friend’s father. The incident, which took place over a month ago, claimed the life of Renaldo Delavallade in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Local authorities received a late-night call about a shooting but arrived too late to provide assistance to the injured party. The 50-year-old victim was found lifeless inside a car. Police Chief Adam Cooper confirmed that they have a suspect in custody, but has not disclosed any further information.

A woman named Tishia, claiming to be related to the victim, took to social media with a series of TikToks, implicating Ugly God in the crime. Tishia also posted a case report which identifies the 26-year-old rapper as a potential suspect, alleging he used a small caliber handgun in the crime. Additionally, she suggests that his connections will prevent any legal repercussions, despite him allegedly bragging about his participation in the crime.

“Hi, my name is Renaldo BUGGIE Delavallade,” she captioned the first of two tribute videos. “I was 50 years old when I was murdered by my sons best friend 06-29-2023..At the home I live at with his mother and my wife, and two of our sons. There was an argument the night before that included his mom, Rhonda Reese and Safina Dedeaux my wife. Whom stood by and was present at the whole shooting [four suspicious emojis].”

“After that argument the night before.I removed all my clothes and was proceeding on with my life. I was lured back to the house the next day.By [telling] me my 11 year old was being put out. I knew , I was in danger going there, so I did not get out of the car at all. I felt the danger and tried to avoid it.

“I spoke to Royce, the UGLY GOD sitting in the front of the [house] in my car where his mother later walked out to throw her [Gasoline] on [the] situation. After i though the conversation was over , I was leaving.I was pulling off in my car where he shot me 4 times in the face.I never seen it coming.”


“This was surely in Royce Davisons , UGLY GOD Feo Rodriguez’s on Facebook [three suspicious emojis] [He] changes his name [daily]. But that was his plan from the beginning. He claimed self Defense so that his Uncle Damon Reese.That is currently a judge and currently running now would make sure he is free. But what he didnt know is that regardless what was portrayed or what he though.

“My 3 sisters and Brother would never let this go under the Radar as they ( ALL Of ThEM) planned !!!! [three suspicious emojis] HE REALLY THOUGH I WAS A NOBODY!!!! I am Renaldo DeLavallade.”

Stay tuned as more details develop.

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