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Gunna Releases First Single “Bread & Butter” Since Incarceration Release




Source: Complex Networks

Gunna drops a new single “Bread & Butter” which address the alleged snitching allegation and sends disses at rappers so as Lil Durk and Lil Baby. He had some emotion filled and notable lines within the track.

You bitch ass n***as got me the topic of the chat/You switched on me when you know you in business with a rat/And the boy, that’s like your brother, ain’t nobody speak on that,” as well as “Never gave no statement or agreed to take no stand on ’em/Whatever you n***as on, then trust me, I’mma stand on it/Lawyers and that DA did some sneaky shit, I fell for it/On my P’s and Q’s because this time I be prepared for it.

Gunna, Bread & Butter

I’m right back and I lost mad commas/I had been down bad inside a dark tunnel, yeah/Fuck them boys, I found out who my real partners/And who was only with me ’cause I had dollar.

Gunna, Bread & Butter

It’s not hard to imagine the Georgia native would feel a certain way after he received criticism for his release.

While some of his colleagues congratulated the rapper on his release, many suspected he secured his freedom by cooperating with prosecutors. His attorney Steve Sadow addressed the snitching allegations in an Instagram post, insisting the backlash against his client was based on lies.

“Gunna did not snitch to get out of jail,” Sadow wrote in December. “He has said nothing and is not cooperating. His plea statement cannot be used in court against any other defendant. So please stop spreading lies.”