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YSL Polo, Young Thug’s Co-Defendant, Found Guilty in On-Camera Shooting Case



YSL Polo

Following a recent hiatus in the YSL RICO case, Cordarius Dorsey, known as YSL Polo and a co-defendant of Young Thug, faced a separate murder conviction on Thursday, September 7th.

The trial reached its conclusion on August 30th, revolving around the tragic shooting of Xavier Arlandor Turner in January 2020. This incident, which took place outside a College Park, Georgia barbershop within the Old National Village Discount Mall, was captured on surveillance cameras. Although the footage didn’t provide a clear view of the perpetrator’s face, eyewitness testimonies and Dorsey’s clothing on that day placed him at the scene, consistent with the suspect’s description in police records.

The court’s understanding of the case deepened as prosecutors presented text messages sent by the rapper shortly after the shooting, containing admissions to the crime.

Dorsey’s prior convictions played a significant role in the trial. He was already serving a life sentence for a 2019 homicide, where he was captured on camera during an armed robbery outside a gas station, resulting in the death of Sulaiman Jalloh, aged 39. The prosecution also emphasized Dorsey’s history of violence, highlighting his one-man crime spree that bridged the two murders. His criminal activities extended to social media, where he displayed stolen jewelry and appeared nonchalant about his actions.


In his closing statement, prosecutor Gautam Rao portrayed Dorsey as someone with a “proclivity for violence and a reckless disregard for human life.” Now, the defense faces the challenging task of appealing against Dorsey’s sentence, which includes life without parole plus an additional 55 years for the Turner murder.

This conviction occurred concurrently with Dorsey’s involvement in the YSL RICO case, a separate legal battle that accuses Young Thug and others of engaging in criminal street gang activity.

Earlier in the week, Thug’s legal team had petitioned to have Dorsey removed from the case, citing concerns about his “unprofessional and unacceptable conduct in court” potentially jeopardizing the fair trial chances for the “Hot” hitmaker. However, their plea was rejected by Judge Ural Glanville.