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Five Underrated Projects Released This Year To Check Out




Sometimes as consumers we can overlook a few quality releases in music especially considering some artists just have the budget for a more grandiose rollout and PR run. However as a lover of music I take the time to listen to all types of artists so I decided to dedicate a little more extra love and awareness to five releases this year that I felt needs more mainstream acclaim. Don’t scare the women away, listen to these dope projects below.

Alex Vaughn – The Hurtbook (Homegirl Pack)

Rising R&B star from the DMV and LVRN artist Alex Vaughn did her big one by the way of The Hurtbook (Homegirl Pack). Beautiful vocals and great song writing decorate a eleven track body of work where Alex discusses love, lust, trust, and other topics in one of my favorite releases this year. I’m a man and Ms. Vaughn has me saying F that man LOL.

Tony Shhnow – Love Streak

Who doesn’t love trap references over quality R&B samples!? Atlanta playboy and the plug Tony Shhnow recently revealed one of my favorite LPs this year by the way of Love Streak. It’s very exquisite don’t scare the hoes music and is a good example of a rapper who is mixing modern hip hop tropes while having the ability to have this release sound like a breathe of fresh air. Samples might be a bit overused in today’s music landscape word to Prince but Tony doesn’t use it to make his music catchy. He works with the sample to give it a different perspective and that’s much appreciated.

Shame Gang – Better Late Than Never

Now time for a GEM gem with DMV native and North Carolina resident Shame Gang’s latest efforts Better Late Than Never that just might put make Shame a mainstream name. With features from Smoke DZA, Lute, Big Pooh, and Skyzoo. However what really shines is Shame Gang’s ability to procure crafty rhymes about his life which makes this LP really damn relatable.

Labrinth – Ends & Begins

For fans of the award winning HBO TV series Euphoria Labrinth should be a familiar name and they just might have revealed a award winning album Ends & Begins. Known for previous work with with Beyoncé, Rihanna, The Weekend, Pusha T, Eminem, and Ed Sheeran, Labrinth is one of the most established and well respected figures in entertainment. His latest musical efforts is a dope and cinematic thrill to listen to.

Larry June & The Alchemist – The Great Escape

A listen to The Great Escape by Larry June and The Alchemist a day keeps the haters away. Nobody raps about smoothies, washing your car, and buying your lady gifts as smoothly as Larry June does. The orange loving emcee enlisted the legendary The Alchemist to procure amazing beats and production overall.