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Summer Captions From Larry June, Don’t Scare The Women Be Smooth!




Larry June raps smoother than a fresh line up on a summer day and then going to hit a brunch with a bunch of beautiful women along with the bros while putting that sh*t on! Don’t scare the women, below are some dope life sayings from Larry to help your life. Also stream his music.

“Maybe I should have tried out for the (New York) Knicks, but I was too busy buying cars” – Larry June.

“Quit worryin’ ‘bout these hoes, my n*gga, go and get some money” – Larry June.

“You only get one chance with a real one. You lookin’ real sexy today, smile all perfect and sh*t” – Larry June.

“You should roll with me, you can be my bae” – Larry June.

“Now we back to the crib, she wanna Netflix and chill, lookin’ at her pretty face, make me wanna— (Ayy, ayy, ayy). Put my phone on airplane mode, then I’m clockin’ in” – Larry June.

“Baby let me show you. You only get one chance with a real one” – Larry June.

Lookin’ at these nice views, carrots in my fresh juice, jumped in the ’63, hopped on the 101, exit on Stinson Beach, pretty girl next to me” – Larry June.
Early mornin’ heat the seats, stop for some green tea

“Winning makes me feel good, but I’m happier when I see my mom smiling.” – Larry June.

“I want to be happy every day. Today is a good day for me, so I try to enjoy it as much as I can.” – Larry June.

“All the awards, All the stats and all the money in this game can’t fix you up.” – Larry June.

“Love, you know I’m bossed up, everything I do a hundred. Make a smoothie in the mornin’, make sure my whips runnin'” – Larry June

“First I take my girl to yoga then I take her to the spa” – Larry June.

“Let’s hit Ocean Beach and watch the sun go down” – Larry June.

“Every girl I had in the past was a lesson. Wakin’ up alone everyday but I’m livin” – Larry June.