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Trey Songz Takes Plea Deal; Avoids 10 Charges in Bowling Alley Assault



The “Say Aah” singer has evaded serious legal trouble after agreeing to a plea deal.

According to reports, on Tuesday (May 2) Trey Songz — born Tremaine Aldon Neverson — pled guilty to disorderly conduct violation linked to a bowling alley incident last year that ended with him assaulting two people. As a part of the plea deal, prosecutors will dismiss 10 charges against him. Included in these charges are assault and aggravated harassment claims against him.

Another part of the deal requires the Petersburg, VA native to complete 12 anger management classes by August. Michael Schuster, the artist’s attorney, released a statement on behalf of his client’s guilty plea. The statement read:

“We appreciate the New York law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office for their comprehensive investigation and careful consideration of all evidence, which ultimately confirmed what we had known all along and resulted in the District Attorney’s office choosing not to pursue any of the original charges against our client.”

Michael Schuster on Trey Songz’s guilty plea.

He continued:

“With each and every one of the 10 original charges now dismissed by operation of law, Trey looks forward to putting this matter behind him.”

To add context, last October, Trey Songz was arrested after he was accused of punching two people at a New York bowling alley. Leaving one of the alleged victims in the hospital.