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Durand Bernarr Announces His Second Single & Fan Favorite “LEVELED” From Sophomore Album WANDERLUST



Your favorite cousin, Durand Bernarr, announces his second single debut of “LEVELED” off of his sophomore album, Wanderlust, that are both available as of now. The concept of the single “LEVELED” is about being honest with yourself so that you can experience moments of redemption. When accomplishing these moments, many people don’t think to slow down and cherish the accomplishments you have thus far. Many individuals were apart of such a spectacular project and single.

“We’re moving through the world and we’re moving fast. Then, we have these moments where we slow down and just kind of even everything out for a second. That’s where ‘Leveled’ came from, says Bernarr. When I think of leveling, I think of a balance and I think there are many moments in life where we need to be balanced out. And it’s not a humbling. I don’t like that word. It’s like oh, I never knew how high I was. Like, I was really up here. And then I just needed to come down. I am sturdy down here.”

Durand prepare to announce an upcoming tour later this month.

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