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Pop Smoke Has No Music Left, Says Manager



Rapper Pop Smoke in Paris, France on Jan. 15, 2020.

According to his manager/producer Rico Beats, Brooklyn-born rapper Pop Smoke will not be releasing any more posthumous projects as he is seemingly out of music.

This was revealed after the “Welcome To The Party” producer responded to a fan’s message asking if there were any “plans for Pop’s remaining music.”

“Who said he had music left,” said Rico Beats, who played a pivotal role in Pop meeting and signing to industry veteran, Steven Victor.

After a disappointed response from the fan, Rico Beats doubled down. He added, “What else ya want pop died 3 years ago ho much more music ya think he did in one year.”

Things took another turn when he also stated that the late rapper wouldn’t have approved a majority of the posthumous music.

“If pop was a live he would not approved 99 percent of the stuff they put out.”

Rico Beats on Pop Smoke’s posthumous music.

Following Pop Smoke’s tragic passing during a home invasion in February 2020, his estate released two hit albums. 2020’s chart-topping ‘Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon,’ produced platinum singles with “Dior” and “For the Night.” While its successor, ‘Faith,’ which arrived a year later and featured collaborations with Dua Lipa, Pharrell, Kanye West and Chris Brown.

While posthumous releases have sadly become a recurring trend we’ve seen a lot recently, with artists like XXXTentacion and JuiceWRLD, there are artists that have taken a different stance on their estates releasing their unfinished music upon their untimely demise. Recently, Tyler, the Creator announced that his will prohibits his unreleased music to be released after his death.

Posthumous albums can be very touch and go. Where one artist may have zigged, even a trustworthy producer can be liable to zag, causing a disconnect with loyal listeners. Along with Tyler, the Creator, artists like Anderson .Paak have taken similar stances, with the latter getting a tattoo to get his point across.