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Features: Kenny Lattimore, Decades Of R&B Excellence But Still Firm In Growth




The DMV in me got excited when a press release with an option to interview a legend such as Kenny Lattimore popped up in my email. I found it even more entertaining and surreal that I was getting him aware of Broccoli City Festival, which you would think anybody within the area knew about at this point. Well, did I learn that other music veterans from the region did not know about events that I have grown accustomed to and that the older you get, the more you learn. Getting him aware of modern music artists from the DMV who are making names for themselves, such as Alex Vaughn and Brent Faiyaz, was a unique experience.

For some background on the Washington DC native, Kenny has captivated audiences with an unprecedented range influenced by his classical, jazz, and gospel upbringing. He has placed a distinctive stamp on classic songs recorded by musical icons such as Donny Hathaway and The Beatles, transformed Christmas standards, and created musical magic on iconic movie soundtracks like Love Jones, Best Man, and Disney’s Lion King II Simba’s Pride.

Kenny Lattimore’s recording legacy includes the critically acclaimed albums, “From The Soul Of Man,” “Timeless,” and “Anatomy of a Love Song,” which produced the Top 10 single “Love Me Back.” While “A Kenny Lattimore Christmas” earned a Stellar Award nomination for ‘Event CD of the Year,’ Lattimore’s ninth solo studio album “Vulnerable” produced another Top 10 hit, “Stay on Your Mind,” which climbed the charts to #7 on UAC Billboard and held top radio positions in multiple U.S. markets.

Simply put, Kenny has been around the block and then some. However, what’s incredible is that he still touches Billboard charts in the modern age while adapting to the new form of music curation. Coming from a period where he sold records physically to the generation of streaming and a more global impact is an incredible feat. Back in February, for two consecutive weeks,  Kenny Lattimore held the #1 spot again on the Billboard Adult R&B charts for his hit single, “TAKE A DOSE.”

It also marled the 25th Lattimore’s globally recognized signature song, “For You,” secured the #1 spot on the charts and reigned for a record-breaking 17 weeks. I don’t think that accolade can just go unnoticed because that is a fantastic accomplishment. His student mentality and ever-wanting-to-learn mindset stemmed from growing up in D.C., navigating other cities, and getting to know the world.


From speaking with Kenny, I found some similarities in our journeys and how we approach the concept of expansion from the area. Mr. Lattimore enjoys a pleasant and exuberant setting in Los Angeles now, but coming up in the game, he had to take the trips I personally had to by enduring sleepless nights in the city that never rests in New York City. From going through label deals to performing with Maniquin, Kenny had to endure and learn the industry to succeed as long as he had.

As much as we want instant success, and yes, it’s a lovely feeling, sometimes the journey we go through is a marathon. Greatness is built in moments, while legends are made when those moments are held together through connective strings of memories that shape the icons we love to listen to, such as Kenny Lattimore.

Listen to a few of his greatest hits below.