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Feature: Corey St.Rose Is A Rapper From New York To Keep Eyes On




Intelligent, genuine, and methodical are a few words that describe budding star from Brooklyn, New York Corey St.Rose based off our conversation a couple of weeks ago. I would have said talented as well but that should be a given that St.Rose has not only toured in multiple cities already and is becoming a more seasoned emcee. A simple listen with his music the first time and you discover an artist that has more than just clever bars but a certain type of soul to him.

For a brief background on Corey, he is known for his creative vlogs on social media; the rapper, songwriter, and producer has gained much praise for his authenticity and connection to his fans. After the release of several bodies of music, including ‘Vibes,’ ‘Trust Colors;’ which includes notable singles “Julius Caesar ” featuring Smoove L, and 2021’s Living Too Fast. Featuring energetic tracks like “MM Remix,” “Cheat Code,” and “New York,” the project received critical acclaim from The Source, KAZI Magazine, and more. However it’s a lot more to him than just purely being a music artist, Corey has the potential to be one of New York cities next stars.

It’s been a topic within the media lately that New York music is redundant and only consists of drill music which is far from the truth. The sound St.Rose procures not only bucks this trends but truly has long term potential and he presents his overall brand as more marathon approach to music instead of just going viral instantly. His sound his akin to Griselda with a mix of ScHoolboy Q, Joey Bada$$, and Symba, all great rapper whom have stay authentic to themselves such as Corey St.Rose has. He does this not only because it’s himself naturally but also because he wants to leave a legacy that last forever as opposed to just going viral.

Corey is spiritual to the core and that shows within his musical library. He doesn’t chase any trends, all he wants to do his make music and let time tell his story. Along with that has been traveling and discovering the cultures of different environments that help shape him as a person which reflects upon his newer music. His latest release “Jesus Piece” that comes with a nicely shot new video. Over a wavy instrumental from Dravidax,, Corey boasts confidently about his new beginning while imploring nice melodies in a distinct cadence. “From being that 16 year old kid who couldn’t afford a real piece until now, my message I want my fans to take is to yourself at all times and grind it out” says Corey about the latest single. 

See, like I stated previously, it’s a marathon approach to music with Corey St.Rose and that’s what makes him a winner. Tune into his music, he is one of one.

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