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Rising Artist TheLetOut Releases New Hearty Single “Got It”



Coming straight out of Reading, PA, rising artist, songwriter and producer TheLetOut is definitely a solid act to keep on your radar. He recently hit the airwaves with his new single titled “Got It” which is now available across all digital streaming platforms today. Sultry, serene and easy on the ear, TheLetOut has a very distinct sound and vibe that cannot be easily imitated — creating an authentic experience for each listener that comes across his growing discography.

Currently based in Florida, TheLetOut has been expanding his audience and network, and actively traveling to connect and grow. A jack of many creative trades, he has also been strengthening his path in songwriting, which excitingly means supporters and new listeners get to see him work in double-time.

As he continues to work, “Got It” is a great first impression for those new to TheLetOut’s journey. Keep up with him below:

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