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Alabama Artist Lelo Da Yungeen Releases Debut Album “Only 15”



Forthcoming Midland City, Alabama artist Lelo Da Yungeen is a natural entertainer, and at only 15 years old, he has been actively launching his career as a professional recording artist. Lyrically and sonically gifted, the teenager has been consistently adding to his discography — recently releasing his debut project titled Only 15 which is now available across all digital streaming platforms. Lelo Da Yungeen’s music generally falls under the category of “pain music” or “trap soul” — providing a lot of passion and wisdom throughout his songs. This 10-track collective is a perfect window into Lelo Da Yungeen’s artistry and lifestyle, with highlighted songs like “Shooting Stars”, “Gravity Falls”, and a few others.

Revving up the engine for a long-lasting career in the hip-hop industry, Lelo Da Yungeen possesses a lot of talent, and is consistently showing it off to the world release by release. For those new to Lelo Da Yungeen, be sure to stream Only 15 below:

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