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Podcasts To Watch: Mr. Jay Hill’s Network Shows Music Artists In A Positive Light




Ascending budding multimedia star Mr. Jay Hill from Baltimore, Maryland is one of my favorite journalists within today’s media landscape. Aside from knowing him in real life, I can just sit and watch his content with appreciation that it’s meaningful conversation with some of my favorite artists that doesn’t involve cliché topics.

The name of Hill’s game is not going viral 24/7 but giving his interview subjects a platform that allows them to express themselves over a bevy of topics that few journalists let alone podcasters speak about today. As a twenty eight year old man I do not want to watch people speak about childish dating quims or negative stereotypes about how the millennial age bracket spends their finances. I want to be able to digest content that’s going to make me think about not only improving my life but to seek to help the people around me to build a better community.

The moral of the story is that Mr. Jay Hill does that with his network and please tune into some of my favorite conversation below to get the essence of this article.

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