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Kendrick Lamar’s Feud with Drake Bolsters His Legacy and Earnings



Kendrick Lamar’s ongoing feud with Drake has not only enhanced his reputation but also significantly increased his earnings. The Compton rapper currently boasts four songs in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, with “Not Like Us” securing the number one spot.

According to HITS Daily Double, the Mustard-produced hit has generated over $275,000 in the past week alone. The bulk of this revenue comes from 58.7 million streams, with an additional $13,500 from 15,000 sales.

“Euphoria” sits at number three on the chart, earning over $210,000 in the last seven days from more than 45 million streams and 7,500 sales.

Kendrick has two more entries in the top 20, including his initial Drake diss track “Like That” featuring Future and Metro Boomin. This track has generated almost $135,000 from nearly 30 million streams and over 3,000 sales in the past week, though the earnings will be shared among the collaborators.

“Meet the Grahams,” currently at number 12, has added another $98,000 to Kendrick’s earnings, thanks to over 20 million streams and nearly 7,000 sales.

Overall, Kendrick’s diss tracks have brought in over $725,000 in the past week, though the exact amount that goes directly to him is unclear.

For comparison, Drake’s tracks “Family Matters” and “Push Ups” have earned the 6 God over $200,000 in the last seven days.