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Shenseea & Rvssian Reconnect With New Single “Die For You”



As spring blooms around us, it’s only fitting that we’re treated to fresh Dancehall beats from some of our beloved artists. After two years, Shenseea reunites with her long-time producer Rvssian to drop her latest single, “Die For You.” Rvssian’s been on fire lately, infusing new life into classic riddims while joining forces with the rising stars of the Dancehall scene.

During a recent interview on the Let’s Be Honest podcast earlier this year, Rvssian opened up about a two-year gap in communication with Shenseea, revealing that they hadn’t been on the same page regarding her career direction.

“I just feel like maybe the choice of music is not the best of what the people want to hear from her. Because sometimes the people’s vision and the artist’s vision are different. She might feel like this is what she wants to do, but the people are not accepting her for that.”

Skipping ahead to the present, it appears that the two have successfully resolved their differences, leading to Shenseea re-engaging with Rvssian on Instagram and their collaborative release of “Die For You.” This track not only embraces Shenseea’s genuine Dancehall origins but also incorporates her distinctive melodic flair.

Shenseea bares her soul on the track, candidly expressing her willingness to go above and beyond for her lover. Fans have wholeheartedly embraced the song, seeing the reunion of Rvssian and Shenseea as a nostalgic revival that’s breathed new life into Dancehall. This year, Shenseea has predominantly released Dancehall tracks, much to the delight of her supporters.
As we eagerly anticipate what the rest of the year holds for Shenseea, it’s always a joy to see her reconnect with the genre that catapulted her into the spotlight.