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Tahjere Uncovers an Array of Emotions On New EP ‘Twin Flame’



A singer and songwriter, Tahjere, is here with her latest new EP called ‘Twin Flame.’ Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, by way of the daughter of Grammy-award R&B singer Faith Evans and writer and producer Kiyamma Griffin whom she inherited a unique set of musical gifts. The new EP was inspired by a real-life “situationship” that led Tahjere to uncover an array of emotions. As she was led onto YouTube, she began researching on what “twin flame” was and she was acting out on the things she has been researching. Instead of communicating her feelings, she put her all onto her debut six-track EP. She graces each track with the exception of the hard-hitting slow jam “Promise” that features her childhood friend, Quincy Brown.