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Scar Lip Releases New Single and Performance “Blick” [WATCH]



Scar Lip, Blick, MusicXclusives
Scar Lip, Blick, MusicXclusives

Scar Lip aims to finish strong in 2023 with the release of her new single “Blick” which is produced by TKTK. The Bronx native is the new VEVO Artist to Watch as she changes pace on her new single that is now available. Scar has a signature style and sinister delivery that continues to distinguish her and her latest single represents an exciting change of pace. “Blick” fuses elements of drill into an uptempo drum pattern that makes for a frenetic, dance-ready anthem.

“Move them hips! I need to see you go blick,” raps Scar.

As Scar voice vacillates in pitch by peaking at borderline shrieks and bottoming out at growls, the New York street energy captures in raw form. This performance coincides with the arrival of a series of live performances to mark her as Artist to Watch in 2024. As this is Scar’s breakout season, her next order of business will be her upcoming EP, that is produced by Swizz Beats.