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Nelly React To Fan’s Request To Get Ashanti Pregnant in New Instagram Post



Ashanti, Nelly, MusicXclusives

The much-loved duo of Nelly and Ashanti is back together, much to the delight of fans who remember their iconic presence in the 2000s hip-hop and R&B scenes. Their reunion has received an outpouring of support from fans, and Nelly recently responded to this affection in a lighthearted manner.

Nelly recently celebrated his 49th birthday, and his girlfriend Ashanti came up with a unique and thoughtful gift for the occasion: a 1962 Impala convertible. Nelly shared his excitement on Instagram by posting a video of his new car, captioned with:

“Dammm mama you did that [blue-heart emoji, bicep emoji, facepalm emoji] ..!! Bday gift overkill …!!”

accompanied by a blue heart, bicep, and facepalm emojis.

Among the comments on the post, a fan boldly wrote, “Get her pregnant @nelly [laughing emoji] TONIGHT!!” to which the Grammy-winning artist responded with a succinct, “I’m on it,” along with a salute emoji.

Nelly, Ashanti, MusicXclusives

Nelly’s birthday celebrations were particularly emotional, as he was visibly moved by Ashanti’s generous gift. In a video shared on social media, Nelly could be seen shedding tears of happiness when he received the vintage car, which is valued at well over $100,000, according to TMZ.

The couple shared an emotional embrace and kisses while surrounded by a group of people, with fireworks adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

Following this heartwarming moment, Nelly took to Instagram to express his gratitude, sharing pictures of himself and Ashanti in the car. He called the car the “best gift” he has ever received in his life, second only to his children. In the caption, he wrote:

“Sometimes all you can say is ‘Thank You.’ Best gift I ever received besides my kids!!!! You showed out shawty!!! Love you @ashanti.”

This heartwarming exchange followed Nelly’s gesture to spoil Ashanti for her own birthday in October, when he gifted her an exquisite icy chain to celebrate her turning 43. In a video of the surprise, the “Foolish” singer’s astonishment was evident as she entered a room filled with friends, receiving a dazzling chain and a matching bust-down watch from a jeweler, all thanks to Nelly’s thoughtful gesture.