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Black Mike Speaks On the Makings Behind of ‘Winding and Grindin’ Single, His Upcoming Debut Project and More [FULL INTERVIEW]



Black Mike, a PG County, MD native, has been doing music since he was 16 years young and took it more serious at 19. As he started working with Lonely Road Entertainment, which started him doing open mics and other local venues. By that time, he gained his experiences with performing and networking to master his craft. As he develops his creative sounds of heart felt melodies to catchy rap flows that many of his fans drawn to toward his career.

We have caught up with the PG County emcee and discussed how he independently released his project, Limitless, the makings of the Akon sample song “I Wanna Love You,” and what we can expect from the artist in 2024.

Congratulations on your single “Winding and Grindin’” the fans will know that it is a sample of Akon hit single “I Wanna Love You.” How was the start and making of the single and made you want to sample Akon? What is the message behind it?

Akon was one of the first artists I listened to while I was young at the age of 10/11. That is one of my favorite songs. It is more of a nostalgic song and it gives you a fun and sexy vibe by dedicating it to the ladies. I wanted to tap into the club scene. I want to always remember and enjoy the journey while reaching my goals and aspirations. When I was younger, I always remembered that I wanted to go out with the grown folks and once I started creating and making this song, I will always remember the times I wanted to go out.

Coming from Maryland to where you are now, what are some key pieces of advice you received while being in the industry and pushing your music?

We opened up as a team and the main thing I received advice on is to never forget what your main goal is. Social media is totally different compared to what it was. Always remembering to enjoy the journey and to never give up and focus on yourself and craft. You have to be as versatile as you can. While making the track “Windin’ and Grindin,’” I am not ever in one lane, I want to venture out in many different ones. Never get discouraged, whether performing in front of five or 5,000 people.

With your record “Limitless,” can you define your true “limitless” goal or opposition in life. 

I had dropped the project back in 2019, and more music is on the way. There is no limit and no limit to what you can do that defines your success. Whatever I put my hands on, I know that I can do and what I can create! 

When are we going to have a debut project or more music since it has been four years since ‘Limitless!’

We are aiming for next year! It is six lanes so you may never know what you may get! Hahaha..

Hip-hop turns 50 this year! What are top rappers you have looked up to or taught you the game?

B.I.G., G-Unit and Lil’ Wayne. Those three were very versatile from radio play to freestyling. They were the true definition of hip-hop. It taught me where I can get on a melodic beat and hit it while changing it up and can rap and freestyle. 

What can we expect from Mike this year or the beginning of next year? New music? New tour?

We are having new music and more coming soon. I can’t say what it is just yet but stay tuned!

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