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NBA YoungBoy Says House Arrest is Affecting His Mental Health in New Report



NBA YoungBoy, MusicXclusives

After almost two years of being under house arrest, NBA YoungBoy has reportedly petitioned the court to relax his confinement conditions, citing the significant impact on his mental health and musical career.

The Baton Rouge native found himself in legal trouble following a 2020 police investigation, resulting in charges related to firearms and narcotics possession. Subsequent arrests and a federal indictment led to strict house arrest conditions in Utah beginning in October 2021.

According to AllHipHop, YoungBoy’s current confinement severely limits his ability to record new music, shoot videos, and make personal appearances. His lawyer, James P. Manasseh, explained that the restrictions have taken a toll on the artist, leading to anxiety, depression, weight loss, and sleep issues. Manasseh added that YoungBoy has been visibly stressed and has expressed concerns about fulfilling his contractual employment obligations.

YoungBoy’s request for leniency comes after a year of complying with his pre-trial conditions, especially since his acquittal on federal gun charges in July 2022. The proposed modifications aim to broaden the definition of “employment-related activities” and provide the musician with greater flexibility to fulfill his professional duties.

In a February interview with Billboard, the “Kacey Talk” artist described his house arrest as “the best thing that ever happened,” as he appreciated the security it provided. Despite his legal challenges, YoungBoy’s musical output remains consistent. He recently announced his fourth LP of 2023, “Decided 2,” scheduled for release on November 10, and teased it with “Return of Goldie” on November 1.