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Radamiz Releases New Album “El Duende!”



Brooklyn native Radamiz finally delivers his highly anticipated album “El Duende!” Laced with 9 tracks, the LP  includes previously released singles, “The Monk’s Ferrari” and ICECOLDBISHOP (@ICECOLDBISHOP) assisted collaboration “Ffiirree” as well as additional vocals/instrumentation from SadhugoldVerde MaderaDJ CutbirdRafael Moure-ErasoKenny RiveroJUNIE.GraymatterCrooklinCutbirdMorning Effect, and Dimadidthis.

“Duende as an adjective was first brought to my attention after my panel at Harvard University by Rafael Moure-Eraso, the narrator of the project and the father of this album’s mixing/mastering engineer. It fascinated me that I had never heard of this concept before and after reading Lorca’s speech about it from a century ago I was enamored by the idea of bringing awareness to a pivotal detail of all great arts. Duende is just as illicit as it is dependent on the show, the public’s witnessing.”

Duende, an idea as told by Federico Lorca about 100 years ago, is a vital concept and realization around art and practitioners of it that should be more popular. Although vague in its description, Lorca makes a great clarifying point that “Duende” is the dark matter that makes great art incredible, that makes incredible art touched by God. It absolves itself from form and is solely attainable when mortality and sacrifice have properly been addressed and executed, respectively. 

“To me, Duende can only be earned through the work done invisibly to the public: the work that hones the inability to distinguish art from artist from inhumane influence.”

Stream “El Duende” below, and/or on your preferred DSP.

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