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Rihanna World Tour Rumors: Not Happening, According to Insider



Rihanna and her devoted fans might need to put their celebration plans on hold, as recent reports about a world tour in the works have been dispelled. A “high-level source” cited by Billboard has quashed the rumors, labeling them as “bogus” and clarifying that “no tour has been confirmed for Rihanna.”

Earlier this month, it was buzzing with speculation that the Grammy Award-winning artist had new music in the pipeline for her loyal fan base, with a tour purportedly scheduled for 2024 and 2025.

The Daily Mirror had previously reported that the multi-talented musician and mother of two had inked a £32 million (approximately $38.9 million) deal with Live Nation, but it appears that none of these reports hold any truth.

Despite the fact that Rihanna, affectionately known as RiRi, hasn’t released a new album since 2016’s ANTI, her influence and impact in the music industry remain undeniable. In June, she achieved the distinction of becoming the first female artist to have ten songs, each amassing over a billion streams on Spotify. In response to this remarkable achievement, Rihanna took to Instagram to celebrate, sharing:

“Bad Gal billi …wit no new album…lemme talk my shit,”

Notably, Nicki Minaj, a longtime friend and fan of Rihanna, joined in the celebration by dropping some bars of her own in the comments section, playfully acknowledging RiRi’s success.

“Not bad gal billi poppin shit like a wheelie/ I mean Poppin like a pilly/ Like really/ Man down cuz she making a Killy!!!/ SILLY!/ Bout to be pushin out a new kid like Gillie/ Caribbean girls run it & AWWLLL these btches know da dill.”

In the midst of these music-related updates, Rihanna’s name has also made headlines in connection with YNW Melly’s ongoing double murder trial. The Florida rapper and his co-defendant YNW Bortlen have been accused of using Rihanna’s name as part of a secret jail code in alleged attempts to prevent certain witnesses from cooperating with authorities and testifying against them.

According to TMZ, prosecutors claim that YNW Melly, who had lost his phone privileges while incarcerated, used another inmate’s phone time to send messages to the outside world, including co-defendant Bortlen. Their conversations alluded to “Rihanna” and “A$AP Rocky’s baby mama” remaining in a “Maybach,” which is believed to be a coded reference to Melly’s ex-girlfriend, Mariah Hamilton, and her mother, Felicia Holmes, potentially not testifying in the case.

The accusations against YNW Melly go beyond phone messages; he has also been accused of using handwritten notes to facilitate the transmission of coded messages, which were then distributed to various cell blocks through non-verbal cues.

As Rihanna’s name continues to make headlines in various contexts, it’s clear that her influence transcends the boundaries of music and reaches into unexpected corners of the entertainment world. Despite the tour rumors being debunked, fans of RiRi can remain hopeful for more music and exciting developments in her career.