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Keri Hilson Is ‘Ready’ To Make a Major Comeback



Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson, the acclaimed singer-songwriter, is making headlines as she hints at the long-anticipated release of new music. In a recent episode of Tank and J. Valentine’s R&B Money podcast, she addressed the extended hiatus since her last album, No Boys Allowed, which was released back in 2010.

“It took a second; a lot of things happened that prevented it,” she said. “I blame it on one thing, but really it was years of a struggle. I fought through that, but I’m free, and I’m ready.”

Hilson has been vocal about the challenges that have kept her from the music scene, acknowledging that it wasn’t a singular issue but rather a culmination of various obstacles that she had to overcome.

“We’re starting to take meetings to figure out how we want to do this thing [and] where we want to do this thing.”

She shared, hinting at the early stages of planning her musical comeback.

Earlier this year, in an interview on the Behind the Mask podcast, Hilson hinted at the possibility of her third studio album releasing in 2023. She assured fans that this upcoming album would address lingering questions, expressing her pride in the project.

Despite facing some false starts and unfortunate setbacks, she remains optimistic about the album’s release. Hilson didn’t provide an exact release date but strongly believes that “this is the year” fans have been eagerly waiting for.

Additionally, she hinted at the possibility of adding fresh elements to the album and exploring new inspirations for her music. Fans of her hit “Pretty Girl Rock” can expect a fresh take on her sound.

Keri Hilson’s previous album, No Boys Allowed, featured renowned producers such as Timbaland and Polow da Don, along with collaborations from artists like Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Kanye West, J. Cole, Nelly, and Timbaland himself. The album debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling an impressive 102,000 copies in its first week.

In the years following her last album, Keri Hilson ventured into the world of acting, starring in films like Think Like a Man (2012), alongside notable actors such as Regina Hall, Kevin Hart, and Gabrielle Union. Her multifaceted talents have kept her in the entertainment spotlight, leaving fans eagerly anticipating her return to the music scene.

With the promise of new music on the horizon, fans of Keri Hilson are undoubtedly excited to see what the artist has in store for them. As she navigates the intricate world of music production, there’s no doubt that her upcoming release will be worth the wait.