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Skilla Baby Involved In Physical Altercation Caught on Video



Skilla Baby

Detroit-based rapper Skilla Baby found himself in a physical altercation with fellow Detroit rapper GMO Stax, resulting in a brawl captured in a video that surfaced on Twitter. The incident occurred at Detroit’s Ford Field and started with Skilla Baby slapping GMO Stax. As the altercation escalated, Skilla Baby was seen being pursued and ultimately jumped by GMO Stax and his associates.

“He’s getting jumped. He getting jumped,” bystanders can be heard screaming.

The exact cause of the feud remains unclear, but it is believed that words were exchanged as Skilla Baby was taking photos with fans following a performance.

Skilla Baby, known for his collaboration with Tee Grizzley on the Controversy project, has been actively promoting their joint work. They released a video for their popular track “Gorgeous,” which is featured on the project. In the video, both artists showcase stacks of cash, emphasizing their success.

Regarding their collaboration, Skilla Baby shared:

“We liked how we worked together, and we felt it made sense if we did a project together.”

Both Skilla Baby and Tee Grizzley recently had an in-depth conversation with HipHopDX, covering a range of topics, including Eminem’s 8 Mile, their new project, toxic lyrics, their connection with Nipsey Hussle, and more. Tee Grizzley mentioned that he was surprised to learn of Nipsey Hussle’s appreciation for his work after the rapper’s passing, as he wasn’t aware of Nipsey’s admiration for his music during his lifetime.

We interviewed Skilla Baby earlier this year, watch below: