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Mohbad: Son’s DNA Test Is Now a Global Matter




Joseph Aloba, the father of the late rapper, Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, popularly known as MohBad, has made a formal request for a DNA test to determine the paternity of his grandson.

Following the untimely demise of MohBad, there has been a growing demand from Nigerians for a DNA test to establish the biological father of the rapper’s five-month-old son. This demand has arisen due to the controversies surrounding MohBad’s death.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, MohBad’s father responded to the widespread call for a paternity test on his grandson. He emphasized the importance of conducting the test, given that the matter has now garnered international attention.

He stated, “This issue has gained prominence not only in Nigeria but also internationally. Therefore, the right thing should be done at the appropriate time.”


On September 24, a video surfaced online in which a businessman named Larry Omodia urged MohBad’s wife to undergo a DNA test to confirm the paternity of her son. He even offered to provide N10 million in support of an “all-expenses-paid” DNA test if she agreed.

Omodia argued that the controversies surrounding MohBad’s death made a DNA test necessary. He pointed to a leaked conversation between MohBad and Omowunmi (his wife) during a heated argument as a source of suspicion. In the leaked recording, MohBad made serious allegations against his wife, including accusations of conspiracy, and vowed that she would be held responsible if anything untoward happened to him.

Omodia contended that Omowunmi’s willingness to undergo a paternity test for her son would not only put an end to the troubling accusations against her but would also clear her name.

Earlier, a social media personality known as VeryDarkBalckMan had called for a DNA test to be conducted on Liam, the 27-year-old rapper’s son. In response, MohBad’s sister-in-law issued a stern warning, threatening a N300 million lawsuit for defamation of character if VeryDarkBalckMan persisted with his demand for a DNA test.


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