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Nicole Scherzinger Reflects on Her Time with the Pussycat Dolls in New Interview



Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger, the pop sensation, takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about her journey with the iconic girl group, the Pussycat Dolls.

In 2005, Scherzinger catapulted to international stardom with the release of the Pussycat Dolls’ debut single, “Don’t Cha.” This marked the beginning of a remarkable career that saw the group release two albums, PCD and Doll Domination, and eight Top 40 singles, including hits like “Buttons” and “When I Grow Up.” However, in 2010, the dance-pop ensemble disbanded, leaving fans with cherished memories.

The Pussycat Dolls initially started as a burlesque act, but founder-choreographer Robin Antin’s vision eventually led to a record deal, with Scherzinger taking the helm as the frontwoman. The ensemble also included incredibly talented dancer-performers Kimberly Wyatt, Melody Thornton, Jessica Sutta, Ashley Roberts, and Carmit Bachar.

Reflecting on their unique dynamic, Scherzinger, now 45, explains:

“Our group was never set up like the Spice Girls. Our group was set up where I would be the quarterback, and I would lead us,” Scherzinger, 45, recalls of their singular set-up. “The girls are extremely strong, talented dancers, and I had to work hard to be able to stand next to them.”

Despite the group’s journey with its ups and downs, Scherzinger, who has acknowledged recording the majority of the vocals on the albums, looks back on her time with the Pussycat Dolls with great affection.

“I always used to be made to feel like . . . I don’t know, not ashamed, but . . . I’m very proud that the albums are my music. I put the work in after all these years, and that’s OK that I have the credit because everybody has their own strengths. And this is what I bring to the table,” she says. “Those were world-class pop records that had many No. 1s around the world. And I love my girls, and I’ll always have love for them — I only wish them the best.”

In 2020, the Pussycat Dolls staged a reunion to release their single “React” and embark on a tour. Unfortunately, the tour faced delays due to the pandemic and was eventually canceled amid a legal dispute between Scherzinger and Antin.

Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger

Following the disbandment of the Pussycat Dolls, Scherzinger ventured into reality competition judging roles, including “The X Factor,” where she played a pivotal role in forming the immensely popular boy band One Direction, and “The Masked Singer,” where she collaborates with Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Ken Jeong.

Speaking about her experiences on “The Masked Singer,” Scherzinger expresses her deep appreciation for the show’s sense of family and camaraderie. “I really appreciate the family within the show — the camaraderie, the chemistry that we have. It’s not every day you can go to work and genuinely love the people,” she says. “They make it not feel like work. We get to just play and have fun and be ourselves — and I think we bring out the best in each other.”

However, Scherzinger is now preparing to step away from “The Masked Singer” to take on a new challenge, starring in the West End revival of “Sunset Boulevard” in London. Despite her remarkable pop career, Scherzinger believes her talents have been “absolutely” underestimated.

That’s why I’m making moves now. It’s hard when people don’t see you for who you truly are. But if you don’t show it to them, they will never know; so that’s why I’ve taken this,” she asserts. Scherzinger, who got engaged to former Scottish rugby player Thom Evans, 38, this summer, adds, “If I’m honest with you, I had to actually choose between ‘The Masked Singer’ season 11 and ‘Sunset Boulevard.’ I chose ‘Sunset Boulevard.’ This is where my talents truly lie. I’m still proving myself.”

As Nicole Scherzinger continues to evolve and expand her artistic horizons, her journey remains an inspiring testament to her dedication, talent, and unwavering determination to make her mark in the entertainment industry.

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