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Lil Baby & Blueface Exchange Jabs via Diss Songs Over Chrisean Rock



Lil Baby, Blueface, Chrisean Rock

Lil Baby and Blueface’s ongoing drama appears to have taken a new turn, as the 4PF artist has teased a new song that seems to target the “Thotiana” rapper.

On Friday, September 15, Lil Baby shared a video clip from inside a club where he was seen rapping along to an unreleased track that includes a reference to Blueface. While some of the lyrics in the brief video are difficult to decipher, Lil Baby can be heard saying, “Put a hunnit up a million times, fuck is a blueface?”

Listen to the teaser here:

This latest development adds fuel to the ongoing feud between the two rappers, which has been brewing for several months. Blueface had previously issued several warnings to Lil Baby following a conversation that Lil Baby had with Chrisean Rock, Blueface’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child.

The dispute began during an Instagram Live session in February when Blueface confronted Chrisean Rock about her interaction with Lil Baby. Blueface expressed concern about too many male rappers being around her.

“I think you be letting too many rap n-ggas be in your face,” he told Chrisean.

Chrisean explained that Lil Baby had told her she had potential, but Blueface questioned her with skepticism, asking, “Potential to what? F*** him?”

Despite Chrisean’s attempts to clarify that her conversation with Lil Baby was one of empowerment, Blueface remained unconvinced. He expressed frustration that Lil Baby had been in her face during the interaction and said, “He wanna f*** me too? Cuh wanna f*** me? Any n***a in your face is in my face … It makes no sense … It sounds crazy.”

The drama escalated when Blueface leaked what he claimed to be text messages between Chrisean Rock and Lil Baby. In those messages, Lil Baby referred to himself as a “big brother” figure and expressed confusion about rumors suggesting he had slid into Chrisean’s DMs.

Blueface took to Twitter to air his grievances, saying:

“Met my bitch one time talm bout he ‘big brother,’” Blueface tweeted. “You ain’t no son to me the truth could never be a dis…I run this shit on sy be mad if you want to bitch post my messages I’m bleeding anything come thru my Territory without checking In welcome to death row.”

He continued, stating, “You in her DMs, I’m in this bitch fone on sy, cryp … Anything that makes rock boom I’m all for it, even if I gotta look bad. I ain’t bring her to the top for you n**as to play fake big brother and fake like you want to work for a picture or some p**y, let’s do business or move around, it’s very simple, I invested in this long time ago … You wanna work with rock call blue or I’m bleeding you unprofessionally every time.”

Blueface also asserted that Lil Baby had unknowingly been texting his phone, not Chrisean’s, adding further complexity to their ongoing feud.

Blueface also took jabs at Lil Baby in a previously released diss track called “Baby Momma Drama” where he references homosexual claims at the Atlanta rapper, who attended Billionaire Michael Rubin’s fourth of July all white party a few months ago. In the photos that were released, you can see Lil Baby captured in compromising positions with Rubin as well as a blue-haired guy. 50 Cent also weighed in on the photos around the time they were posted.

“Lil Baby thought he knew me, how you let a grown man feel up on your booty, couldn’t be me. Boy I am not a hoochie, you n**gs really industry, I am really in the streets. Scrabble up”