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Drake & SZA Join Forces on ‘Slime You Out’



Drake, SZA

Music enthusiasts finally got their hands on the highly anticipated collaborative effort from Drake and SZA, aptly titled “Slime You Out.” This release serves as a tantalizing prelude to his forthcoming album, For All the Dogs, scheduled to drop on September 22.

The duo gave fans a thrilling sneak peek of the track on Wednesday, September 13th. Their announcement post featured a nostalgic image of Halle Berry doused in green slime at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Notably, this track marks the first time these two musical powerhouses have joined forces in the studio.

In the opening verse, Drake serenades:

“You b**ches really get carried away. Makin’ mistakes, then you beg me to stay. Got me wiggin’ on you like I’m Arrogant Tae. You got my mind in a terrible place. Whipped and chained you like American slaves. Act like you not, used to share it in space.”

These lyrics include a subtle nod to celebrity hairstylist Arrogant Tae, known for his work with artists like Nicki Minaj, DreamDoll, Ari Fletcher and Karrueche Tran.

Meanwhile, SZA delivers her soulful lines, singing:

“Damn, these n**gas got me so twisted. I’ll f**k you for real, but play b**ch on my line. I can feel what you spendin’. Got too much pride to let no burnt n**ga slime me out. Pull up, go right about. I might got time, let’s discuss all those lies about. Fightin’ out here like you d**kin’ me out.”

In a delightful surprise for her fans, SZA dropped yet another remix just hours before her collaboration with the Toronto rapper. This time, she presented an acoustic version of her hit single, “Snooze,” featuring the talented Justin Bieber. Notably, Justin Bieber had previously made an appearance in the original track’s music video.

Taking to Instagram in the early hours of Friday, the SOS artist excitedly shared, “Forgot to mention this. ‘Snooze (Acoustic)’ ft. [Justin Bieber] out now.”

Drake had already hinted at the impending release of the first single from For All the Dogs during his performance in Austin on September 11th. He expressed his gratitude to his fans, saying, “I know y’all excited to hear the album. I know it’s like two weeks out. I’ma drop a song for y’all this week. Yeah, yeah. What a time, what a time. I appreciate y’all. Deeply, by the way, I do. It’s a lot of love in Texas.”