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Polo G Delays Release of Upcoming Album, No New Release Date Set



Polo G

Yesterday, Polo G, the “RAPSTAR” emcee hailing from Chicago, announced that he is delaying the release of his upcoming album, HOOD POET, without specifying a new release date. The album was initially scheduled for September 15 and boasts 18 tracks, including his recent singles, “Barely Holdin’ On” and “Distraction.”

Taking to Instagram, the “Martin & Gina” rapper shared,

x”Wanted to tap back in and let y’all know I’mma be postponing my album drop til further notice… just getting back on track from a minor setback. I’ll be updating y’all and dropping new music soon. [I know] y’all been waiting on me, and I appreciate the ones who show genuine support, but it’ll be worth the wait. I promise.”

Fans expressed their thoughts on the delayed album in the comments section. One fan said, “You are the only grown man who can piss me off, Polo, but I hope everything is good.” Another user mentioned, “I hope everything’s straight, but c’mon, man, we starving for music out here.” A passionate fan declared, “After two years of waiting, you do us like this? Nah, I’m done.”

Many fans speculate that Polo G’s decision to postpone the album is related to his recent legal issues. On August 23, authorities in California conducted a raid on Polo G’s residence. The rapper’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, clarified the situation in a statement to XXL, explaining that the incident was focused on “verifying” Polo G’s criminal history.

Cohen stated,

“The incident surrounded someone staying in Polo’s home and not Polo directly. The officers have detained Polo to ‘verify’ that he is not a convicted felon, as they assert a firearm was found in the home. It is widely known that Polo is not a convicted felon and never was a convicted felon.”

On August 18, the multi-platinum rapper hinted at the possibility of retiring from music. At present, there is no set release date for Polo G’s upcoming album, leaving fans eager to hear his new music patiently waiting for further updates.