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Spice and Tamar Braxton Address Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Altercation and Controversial Comments



Following their intense altercation on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Spice, and Erica Mena’s feud has sparked a conversation involving Tamar Braxton. Initially, Tamar had declared that “all bets [are] off” when disputes involve children. However, she later admitted that she hadn’t witnessed the specific incident and clarified that she was merely fulfilling her professional role.

Spice and Tamar recently engaged in an Instagram Live chat, during which they delved into Tamar’s prior commentary on the clash between the reality stars.

As reported by The Shade Room, the altercation between Erica and Spice escalated when Erica referred to Spice as a “blue monkey.” This derogatory term emerged after Spice mentioned that Erica Mena’s eldest child wasn’t fond of her. Erica hurled the insult at Spice while being escorted off the premises, ultimately leading to her departure from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta due to viewer backlash.

Before Erica’s exit from the show, Tamar had discussed the situation on Dish Nation. She took on the role of a devil’s advocate, challenging those who labeled Erica’s actions as “racist.”

“Let’s play devil’s advocate. Isn’t all bets off when somebody come for your kids? I’m sorry, I’m not watching nothing I say out of my mouth. You tell me my son don’t love me? I’m going for your neck.”

She continued, “It doesn’t mean she’s racist. That’s the first thing that came to her mind to defend herself..”

Tamar addressed the situation on Spice’s Instagram Live on Tuesday (September 5), aiming to clarify her stance. Notably, Braxton admitted that she hadn’t seen the video clip before sharing her opinion. She also pointed out that while she typically refrains from commenting on such matters, it is part of her professional responsibility to provide commentary on what is being reported.

“I didn’t see it. I don’t watch that show. … I wouldn’t say anything. But my job is to comment on what is being reported.”

In response to Spice’s assertion that she had not made any derogatory comments about Erica’s son, Tamar attempted to downplay the situation by suggesting, “You gotta take that with Mona [Scott] and her people.”

Aside from her virtual conversation with Tamar Braxton, the dancehall artist also used Instagram Live to address some of her critics. Emphatically stating that she was “not playing the victim,” Spice refuted the notion that she deserved Erica’s hurtful comments. She then raised the issue of colorism, highlighting its significant presence in their community.

In reference to her decision to address colorism through a faux skin-lightening stunt on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Spice alluded to her proactive stance on this important matter.

“I realize that people prefer a lighter color, and they would pick up for someone of a lighter color over my dark skin any given day. Because there is colorism within our Black community.”

Spice speculated that if she had lighter skin, people might not have defended Erica’s hurtful comments towards her.

“If I looked like this, then some of the Black people who are commenting that it’s okay would not be saying what they are saying… If I looked like this on the screen, then the whole ball game would’ve changed.”