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MIZ Unleashes The Full Version Of Their Viral Smash “1942”



BRE-Z has unleashed a new record featuring her alter ego, MIZ. MIZ is kicking off its career with a smooth 80s-inspired track titled “1942.” After building anticipation with a now-viral visual snippet, the budding persona is off to a solid musical start. While the clip circulated heavily due to people being introduced to MIZ via BRE-Z, many fans couldn’t ignore that the song’s hook was mesmerizing. 

This is not the first time a profound star introduced an alter ego through music. Artists like Key GlockJ. Cole, and many others have found creative ways to express different facets of themselves. MIZ is a confident yet sensitive and caring star from a disgruntled household. He’s a natural star who drew inspiration from the support of his dear grandmother while growing up in the South. Now, MIZ is living large in the city of Angels, looking to leave his mark on music in a significant way. 

Check out the Don Julio-themed retro-themed banger “1942” from MIZ via UnitedMasters here today!

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