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Inf Grizzy Debuts Soul-Stirring Music Video for “Take My Time”



Inf Grizzy is back with a soul-stirring music video for “Take My Time,” now available on his official YouTube channel. The song, released through Legaset and High Rollin’ Entertainment highlights Grizzy’s anguish as he wraps his head around unraveling aspects of his personal life.

Known for provocative, street-smart lyricism, Grizzy garnered national attention after releasing his long-awaited album Addicted last year. ThisIs50 described him as a “rising rap phenom” and the notion is solidified with “Take My Time.”

Grizzy laments over a bouncy bass line with gloomy chord progressions enhanced by JTS’s tense hook. The music video captures his introspection with scenes of Grizzy behind bars to typify his strife.

“Feelings of depression can make you feel confined,” he says. “I hope the visual depictions resonate with listeners.”

Grizzy’s genuine, do-it-yourself approach to “Take My Time” embodies the spirit of Hip-Hop. The song’s message rallies the downtrodden and encourages them to push forward with a bit of faith. His unwavering optimism is reinforced by potent lyrics spat with an intensity that grips your attention. 

“Take My Time” is unlike any other song from my catalog because I’ve had to overcome a lot over the past few months.”

Take My Time” follows a steady flow of music videos that showcases Grizzy’s creative range. With nearly a half million combined YouTube views, Grizzy aims to connect with a wide range of music enthusiasts. So get familiar and check out his latest now!

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