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Claire Reneé Issues New Song “Sadder Days” Ahead of EP



Rising R&B artist Claire Reneé drops her new single titled “Sadder Days.” This sultry, soulful track pulls in elements from the current R&B and Pop landscapes, moving away from the jazzy route Claire usually takes in her music.

The lyrics behind this track relate to the confusing emotions associated with dating and complex relationships, romantic or platonic. Claire reflects on the writing process for “Sadder Days,” remembering a point in time when she trusted people to a fault – especially when it came to them having power over her emotions.

“I wrote this song about not understanding how someone could give up so abruptly and easily on a relationship. That feeling of the other person letting go hits so deeply, leaving you feeling, angry, and hurt. I hope listeners resonate with the sentiment of getting through the anger, giving up the need to understand what exactly changed in the relationship and healing enough to wish that person well without closure.”

Sadder Days” will be part of Claire Reneé’s upcoming EP, Journal Entries 1-4, which will touch upon some of the same themes. Claire hopes the EP will be relatable for people who journal or track how they are feeling or thinking.

Each track on the diary-like EP will act as a journal entry from a significant point in time, and “Sadder Days” is just a taste of what to expect.

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