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Speed Walton Returns With New Album “Pearls”



Speed Walton stands as a pillar of resistance against the mainstream “gangsta” rap, delivering intelligent and thought-provoking rhymes that honor the golden-era techniques while paving a path for the future of Hip-Hop. Recognized by his contemporaries as a “lyricist’s lyricist”, Speed has fortified the underground Hip-Hop scene with his unique lyrical creativity and multiform rap flows.

He recently delivered a new album titled “Pearls.” The project showcases his musical prowess and superior rapping capabilities, as Speed masterfully displays his writing skills, lyricism, delivery, and technical abilities.

The driving force behind the project was to deliver something heartfelt, a genuine representation of his love and passion for the art of Hip-Hop. Speed’s aim was to retain authenticity and infuse his distinctive sound into the project while harkening back to the music that evokes the same nostalgic feel of the 90s era.

Pearls” is now available across all major digital streaming platforms.

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