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‘King Slime’ Podcast Set To Explore YSL RICO Trial



The newly announced ‘King Slime‘ podcast series by iHeart is planning to delve into the intricacies of Young Thug’s current YSL RICO trial. The podcast is set to be hosted by Christina Lee, and George Chidi, an Atlanta-based political reporter.

“We’ll dive deep into the issues that have led us to this trial in this town at this time… and we’ll uncover secrets about the people at the center of this case.”

The series is scheduled to air its first episode on this coming Tuesday (August 15).

Despite several unsuccessful attempts to secure bond, Young Thug remains in custody. He will continue to be detained until the conclusion of his much-anticipated trial, which is currently in a drawn-out process of jury selection.

His arrest occurred in May 2022, after a search of his residence. Following this, an extensive 88-page RICO indictment against his YSL crew was unveiled to the public. Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, is leading the prosecution.