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BLP KOSHER Shares New LP ‘Bars Mitzvah’ 




Broward County, Florida artist BLP KOSHER has just shared his long-awaited project Bars Mitzvah, along with a video for “The Nac 3.” After taking the internet by storm in 2021 with the release of his viral “Jew On The Canoe” video in March of this year, BLP KOSHER has been gradually releasing tracks that proudly showcase his singular style and knack for outlandish, eccentric bars.

While consistently representing his Jewish faith, rocking his distinct hairstyle of two wicks sticking out the side of his head, and honing in on his deadpan flows & quotable bars; BLP KOSHER’s songs like “Mazel Tron” with BabyTron & “Special K” have catapulted him into becoming a unique standalone artist within Hip-Hop.

His long-awaited project Bars Mitzvah, which boasts features from DJ PremierLuh Tyler & Trapland Pat, as well as production from BNYXRonny JBighead & others, is a commanding statement from BLP KOSHER as he looks to cement himself as a mainstay in modern music beyond the virality.

BLP KOSHER’s charismatic persona is on full display across Bar Mitzvah’s 19 tracks – dropping an endless cannon of witty one-liners and an assortment of pop culture references, making KOSHER a singular talent with endless charisma. In an unexpected crossover on “Endless”BLP KOSHER raps over a DJ Premier beat & scratches – a testament to not only his musical diversity but also his undeniable star power & the respect that he’s gaining from some of the genre’s greatest artists. 

Bars Mitzvah finds KOSHER taking full advantage of his rapidly-ascending stardom by putting his signature style on full display while expanding upon his lyricism and experimenting with different sounds. On BLP KOSHER’s run from from the intro “The Nac 3” to “Quite Frankly” (feat. Luh Tyler & Trapland Pat), he flexes his clever wordplay and consistent delivery of amusing quotables through an array of flows.


Source: Dark PR.

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