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Chrisean Rock Claims Blueface Made Threats of Kicking Her in the Stomach



In a heart-wrenching revelation, soon-to-be momma Chrisean Rock just dropped a bombshell about Blueface that’s got the hip-hop world buzzing. This past Sunday (Aug. 6), the emotions poured out during a live session on Instagram that left jaws on the floor. Hold up, rewind – we’re talking Vegas vibes a few months back.

Picture this: Chrisean Rock, the reality TV star, spillin’ all the tea about a Vegas escapade with none other than the “Thotiana” spitter, Blueface. It’s like a scene straight out of a hip-hop movie. But yo, the vibe takes a dark twist when Blueface starts throwin’ down some heavy rules. “B***h, don’t even look at that b***h,” he’s layin’ down the law. Rock’s like, “Okay, fam, whatever floats your boat.” So they hit the town with the crew, and here’s where it gets real wild – this homie’s girl, from a whole different race, starts showin’ Blue some serious love. Culture clash alert!

But hold tight, ’cause Rock’s got a story that’ll give you chills. It’s like a hip-hop thriller – picture a hotel room in Vegas, tempers flaring like the hottest bars. She pulls out the receipts, sharin’ a clip that’s got everybody talkin’, thanks to The Neighborhood Talk. She spills it straight, sayin’, “He was all up in my face, on some wicked vibes, and nobody deserves that level of darkness.” But wait for it, y’all, Blueface ain’t playin’. He’s throwin’ down lines like, “Schoolyard Crip, b**ch. Stare into a killer’s eyes. You don’t think I’ll take you out? Kick you in the gut, watch you bleed for months?” Ice cold, ain’t it?

And if you thought this hip-hop soap opera was ready to wrap up, think again. Rock and Blueface’s love tale has been rockin’ headlines, and not in a smooth way. Fans have been callin’ out Blueface for his actions and words aimed at Rock, and now this bombshell? It’s like adding gasoline to the fire.

But wait, there’s more. Blueface ain’t holdin’ back, takin’ to Twitter like he’s droppin’ an unreleased track, callin’ Rock a “side b**ch.” It’s like throwin’ a Molotov cocktail into the mix, just when you thought it couldn’t get hotter.

So here’s the deal, fam. Hip hop’s got a knack for twistin’ tales, and this saga of love, turmoil, threats, and social media fireworks is proof that this genre’s always got tricks up its sleeve. Keep those headphones on and stay tuned, ’cause the hip-hop story is far from over.

On Sunday, Blueface also waged a bet on which one of his baby mothers would win a fight. He shared, “Fair fade. I’ll take Jaidyn [Alexis] over Rock. Who wanna bet?”

The deteriorating relationship between them is now a major plotline on the current season of the Zeus Network series “Crazy In Love.” Fans are advising Rock to create some space between herself and Blueface due to his recent actions, particularly concerning his children with Alexis, which have caused concern and surprise.

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