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Foggieraw’s “Psalm 62” & “Ms. Johnson” Are Just Dynamic!




Foggieraw is HIM. The raw poetic nature of DMV native’s Foggieraw‘s pen is incredible and his recent rising to fame just makes me realize that talent shines no matter the length it had to get there. God fearing and stylish, Foggieraw captured my attention a long time ago from the good word of my god brother LOE Adde. In addition to the different sides of the DMV showing him with praise it’s safe to say that Foggie was just naturally blessed with the gift of gab.

Finally debut his much garnished singles from social media “Psalm 62” and “Ms. Johnson,” Raw use of clever wordplay give the classic samples within both tracks a new spin in token of appreciation.  “Psalm 62” samples Alicia Keys’ “You Don’t Know My Name” and “Ms. Johnson” samples Musiq Soulchild’s “Teach Me How To Love” have proved Foggieraw to be an alluring and refreshing new artist with engagement pouring in by the millions of views and likes. 

This post changed Foggieraw’s life an dI’m glad he’s getting all the hype.

Both Music Soulchild and Alicia Keys offered their praise for Foggie’s spin on their classic tune.

The ability to not over rely on the nostalgia factor of a classic song is the strength I feel like the greats of the modern sample heavy musical age needs and Foggieraw has this trait in spades.

To compare Foggie’s talent to something I would have to draw up similarities to superstar boxer Terence Crawford. While yes they are in two different industries doesn’t negate that they carry the same charisma, a pure dedication to their respective crafts, and a underrated ability to continue to adjust to the new age of their fields.

Listen below to some dope music, Raw doesn’t disappoint.

Source: Republic Records and LOE Adde