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Why “Passport Bros” From Bas And J. Cole Is A Vibe



Bas, one of the mainstays at J. Cole label imprint Dreamville, already seen praise in recent years with appearances on the Creed 3, his critically praised debut Milky Way, and multiple other features; is one of the most underrated mainstream artists.

Versatile wordplay and rapping to singing vocal range define Bas’s music catalog. This special trait he carries gives the ability to deliver such a fire single “Passport Bros,” where him and J. Cole curated just a smooth sounding track.

To much of my surprise I first heard it was like “why did I hear Cole on a afrobeat song? LOL what?” But then Bas came in with the great sounding vocals thanks to his Sudanese heritage. Thus giving a natural lyricist like Jermaine Cole room to experiment with dope sounds like the Afrobeat genre.

Listen and catch a vibe below! “Passport Bros” is one of my favorite singles this year. Enjoy a thrill music video full off good vibes to match.