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Lemzi Shares Exciting Album “Outliers – A Creative Project By Lemzi“



LEMZI has unveiled a never heard before musical project titled “OUTLIERS – A Creative Project By Lemzi”.

The Creative Project is the antithesis of a conventional album. The CP is an album-audiobook with 3 chapters serving as individual EPs and many different narratives. “OUTLIERS – A Creative Project By Lemzi” demonstrates what it’s like to make music when there are minimal incentives and resources, but still organically create and allow your music to be an extension of all your experiences and sporadic thoughts. Most artists create in these moments but struggle to package it, hence why most music doesn’t get released. The CP is all about how to creatively bring these moments together.

Speaking about the inspiration and creative process of the project, LEMZI says, “It’s a concoction of pandemic times, relationship grievances, finding forms of mindfulness, serendipitous meetings, and alternative, creative ways of expression. The first song written here was “Mad Journey” and the second was “The Slump”, within 2 months of each other. Very different head spaces in quick succession. Everything else came as & when it felt appropriate.”

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