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Lefty Been Rich Talks New EP ‘Gallery’, Immersive Art Release Party and More!



Lefty Been Rich celebrated the release of his debut EP, “Gallery,” with an immersive listening event in New York City’s lower east side. Attendees were treated to a unique experience that included digital art curated in tandem with each song on the EP. The event also featured tasty charcuterie and customized wine glasses printed with the EP’s title.

Notable NYC artists Abby Jasmine, Leaf, and Slim Dollars were among those who attended the event, which drew a packed crowd of fans and industry supporters. Lefty Been Rich’s “Gallery” EP was released on May 30th and is a hyper pop-dance masterpiece that delivers a unique blend of genres and styles.

We chatted with Lefty at the event for more insight on his project.

How did you feel about the turnout of your first release party?

“It was phenomenal. I really loved the outcome; it was great people and great weather. It was really fun.”

What was the meaning of the album name ‘Gallery’?

“Gallery was pretty simple; it’s just like a collection of artwork. Usually, when you go to big galleries or popular galleries, it’s so many different artworks with different meanings. It’s like sections. Every single song that I had on the tape is very different from each other, so it was like a vibe.”

What’s your inspiration to make music?

“I’ve always been into music, even when I was a kid. I really played basketball, so music triggers you going into a big game or a game you’re excited about. I just wanted to transition and provide that to other athletes.”

You’re going into a big game; what song would you be playing?

“Right now, I would say “Go Hard” by Lil Baby.”

You fuse Dance and Hip-Hop; how did that come about?

“I used to dance when I was younger. I used to get Lite and all that type of stuff. Now I’ve seen the popular trends like the Jersey Club/ House style dancing. I’m really into, like putting that out there because I listen to it on a regular.”

You talk about music being positive. Was that the vibe you generally go for with all of your songs?

“I actually have a lot of music that is in other genres. I’ve been listening to a lot of UK rap, dance, and house music. I usually make music from what I’m listening to at the moment.”

How would you define your sound?


What’s your favorite song you’ve made?

“I would say “Run”; it was my most recent song. I don’t write, I was in the studio free-styling, and it just came out perfect.”

The event successfully introduced this promising new artist and his unique sound. Lefty Been Rich’s “Gallery” EP is a five-track project that blends genres and styles, including the standout track “Run.” The first and only single, “Up,” showcases Lefty’s versatility as an artist, while the final track, “Gracious,” leaves fans wanting more.

Stream ‘Gallery’ below !