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Feature: Johnny Lugautti Talks New ‘Secrets’ Single Featuring Yung Bleu, Kevin Gates Collab + More




Johnny Lugautti has returned, following the release of his recent Diablo EP, alongside Alabama native Yung Bleu for their speculative new collaboration “Secrets.” 

Equipped with vibrant, summer-ready production, “Secrets,” yet again showcases Johnny’s uncanny melodic mastery while also capturing the electricity of his care-free lyricism. Embodying the essence of relationships in the modern era, “Secrets,” takes a playful twist on the themes of honesty and secrets — topics that resonate deeply within this generation.

Johnny Lugautii spoke with MusicXclusives about the process of crafting “Secrets,” revealing what it’s like working with Yung Bleu in the process.

“What inspired me for this song was just the way relationships go in this generation I don’t feel like there’s a lot of honesty and lots of secrets from both sides so I put a playful twist to it,” Johnny Lugautti said. “To me it’s a road trip vibe when you and your shordy just cruising otw to the beach or vacation, Right now was the best time because it’s almost summer and the summer vibes are unmatched.”

Teaming up with Yung Bleu for the release of “Secrets” was a strategic move for Johnny Lugautti. Johnny describes recruiting Yung Bleu a natural choice, due to his desire to bring this vibrant track to life with the addition of vocals deep-seeded R&B frequencies.

Johnny also benefitted from divine intervention as the collaboration with Yung Bleu was facilitated by Jay Cooper, who was managing both Johnny and Yung Bleu at the time.

“Shoutout Jay cooper, my CEO met with young bleu at one of his pool parties and then maybe a week later I did the hook and my verse a week after that I went to Bleu house in atl and he recorded his verse in his in home studio,” Yung Bleu said.

In addition to “Secrets,” Johnny Lugautti has been on a roll as of late and has already delivered several releases.

Another noteworthy collaboration on Johnny’s recent EP, ‘Diablo,’ was with Kevin Gates on the track “Prada Me.” The single almost immediately went viral and subsequently catapulted Johnny Lugautti into the Top 40 chart on Urban Radio. Johnny also recently connected with Doodie for their explosive new effort “Go.”

Johnny Lugautti also dropped two projects at the top of the year in the forms of his I Am Him project and Darker Than Him collaboration with his close friend and 3G Entertainment label mate Dee-Aye.

Stream “Secrets,” below.