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Casper Merci Flows Effortlessly On “100 Foot Limousine”



Enamoured by the songwriting of legends like Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt and MF DOOM, and influenced by the boundary-pushing sonics of producers like The Alchemist, Flying Lotus and Madlib, Casper Merci from Indianapolis is expanding the possibilities of hip-hop to create a sound all his own. His reverence for the musicians that impacted him since a young age has pushed him to develop a sonic palate that many hip-hop fans are sure to resonate with, as can be heard on his new single, “100 Foot Limousine”.

“100 Foot Limousine” commands attention straight away with its throwback old-school hip-hop production. Casper’s skill on the mic is undeniable,and he complements the production perfectly with his effortless flow and smooth delivery. Releasing his music independently under his own label, LOVEHARD Records, this 23-year-old rising artist, producer and engineer displays ingenuity beyond his years that is sure to captivate listeners as it becomes clearer with each release that he is one to watch.

Speaking further on “100 Foot Limousine”, Casper says, “I’ve always loved blending sounds and samples ‘in the box’ with live acoustic instruments and think this track is a perfect example of it. When me and Eli made the beat, it was such a vibe that I wrote the whole hook and first verse on the spot before he left my house that day. I wanted this song to embody that feeling of living life to the fullest, being unapologetically yourself and not letting anything get in the way of pursuing your dreams.” Connect with Casper here.