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Shawn Cook Unleashes Energetic Second Single “Wasetime” from Upcoming EP “Claudette”



Shawn Cook, the talented singer-songwriter and gold-selling artist, wastes no time in captivating audiences with the release of his highly anticipated second single, “Wasetime,” from his forthcoming EP, “Claudette.” Following the continued success of his video “Stay,” which has been lighting up BET Jams for an impressive six months, Cook takes his musical journey to new heights with an energetic counterpoint that explores the complexities of fast-paced romance when time is of the essence.

“Wasetime” serves as a shining example of Shawn Cook’s artistic versatility and diverse sonic palette. As fans eagerly await the arrival of “Claudette” later this year, they can expect a kaleidoscope of sounds that beautifully encapsulate the love and torment found within a toxic relationship. With raw honesty, Cook lays bare the trials and tribulations of staying in an unhealthy bond, where life’s trauma intertwines two individuals into a space of codependency. The song explores a loving downturn fueled by contempt, unhealthy sarcasm, and unrelenting criticism, showcasing the effects of envy on dreams and the absence of positive support crucial for a partner’s success. Constant suspicion, mistrust, and controlling behavior erode what little remains of the relationship, highlighting the struggles of effective communication in fear of explosive confrontations.

As summer approaches, fans can anticipate catching a glimpse of Shawn Cook’s electrifying performances at various festivals. His magnetic stage presence and captivating vocals are set to ignite crowds across the country. In the meantime, don’t “Wasetime” and dive into the immersive experience of Cook’s latest single. Stay tuned for the official release of “Claudette,” where Cook’s artistry will be on full display, offering a compelling musical journey that showcases his undeniable talent.